Our Story



Hey y'all, we are TC and Tee the creators of Whipped by Tee. We are a family owned company based in Central Texas. We created WBT from the need to put healthy products on our hair and body. Having a child with eczema and both of us with sensitive skin we needed something that would keep our bodies soft and smooth but also with an amazing scent. So we did our research had lots of trials and errors which led us to creating the perfect body and hair whips. We originally only made them for ourselves then eventually started making them for our family and friends. Early 2020 we decided to share with the world. 

Having a house full of natural heads keeping them healthy is a must. The ladies of the house have been coloring, bleaching, and blow drying their hair for years. So it is very important to have a product that protects our scalp as well as our curls. Rocking grey hair is something you do with style and keeping it whipped using our products assist with that. Our hair whips are for styling not for hair growth. 

74/83 is our couples fragrance oils brand that was created by us and is only available at WBT. We always enjoy complementing each others scent and decided to create our own line so other couples can as well. We have dedicated lots of time to perfectly matching our scent as well as our versions of some of our favorites Cologne and Perfumes. 

All of our products are made with the best ingredients and lots of love. Thanks for joining our family and getting Whipped. SHOP NOW